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Fulfilled! Work-Life Integration enables managers and employees to integrate work and life in a systematic, repeatable, and sustainable way, resulting in higher productivity, quality and retention. 


This benefits both employees and their employers by aligning individual and organizational goals and values, increasing critical capabilities needed to be successful in today’s fast pace world, and leveraging the passion within people.

This skill-based learning process deepens the understanding and application of fundamental principles and practices that foster success. It aligns what matters to the organization to what matters to individuals. It enables individuals to take responsibility to manage and integrate their life priorities by blending work with their whole lives, increasing focus and mindfulness, balancing competing demands, growing their resilience, overcoming fears and unleashing their inner passions.

Research shows that fulfillment is a critical desire of 99% of employees, but often only 20% of them are highly fulfilled today. This process addresses the key factors that account for that difference. However, it doesn’t happen by chance. It requires making choices by design and intention, rather than by default. Fulfillment learning contributes to the success and well-being of the organization and its people. 

Fulfillment -> Engagement -> High Performace -> Retention

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