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A Science-based, Personalized Cancer and Life-Healing Plan Using

Mainstream Medicine and Complementary Healing Therapies


Nothing matters more than dealing with your cancer diagnosis. 



Get serious about your cancer. Look at every aspect of your life in order to make changes that promote your healing and well-being. Choose behaviors that support your physical and emotional health, and let go of those that sabotage you.

Set priorities. Establish the changes you need to make in the areas of your life — diet, fitness, stress management, the pursuit of meaning and joy — that are most vital to your well-being. 

Beware of being overwhelmed. Work incrementally on those key areas. Remember, small steps can have a significant effect. 

Promote self-empowerment. You can do so much to enhance your recovery process! Become the CEO of your life. Seize control in all realms where possible, and let go in areas you cannot control.

Explore all options. Talk to your healthcare providers, coworkers, family, friends, and even your boss for help. Search the internet for ideas and support as you follow your personal cancer recovery plan. Beware of information overload.

Seek encouragement. Cultivate your personal cheerleading squad, people who understand how important it is to offer support and positivity. Avoid anyone, including health care professionals, who assaults you with negative statistics and stories.

Question conventional assumptions. -Your doctor’s, your family’s, and your own. Whether you are considering alternative regimens or mainstream options, listen to opinions, ask questions, and then trust your own instincts to find the treatments and therapies that feel right to you.

Be persistent. Cancer is a complicated journey. Like any major project, it takes commitment and determination to reach your goal. Recognize that some setbacks are inevitable. Don’t be discouraged, and know that everything you do makes a difference. 

Pursue healing approaches. Develop and utilize tools that nourish your faith and calm your fears. Explore techniques such as journaling, exercise, meditation, chanting, and group support.

Nourish your life beyond cancer. View your efforts at change as more than a cancer recovery program. Develop a life recovery program. The unexpected benefits can be enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Extra bonus: Your relationships will dramatically improve.

Getting well and staying well requires more than traditional medical treatment. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are the big guns. The foundation of health depends on lifestyle choices.

What is the Balanced Health Scorecard?

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