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When I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I didn’t know what to do. It’s an experience that can made me feel alone and hopeless. After reading about the survival statistics associated with a stage IV diagnosis, I realized I needed something positive to help me through this. That’s when my wife and I searched for survival stories. One such story was of Marisa Harris. In the article we read we discovered that she was giving back to the cancer community through her coaching practice. After connecting with Marisa it was clear to me she was that beacon of hope I needed. As a result of my coaching with her for the last ten months, I know myself better - I have changed my perspective and outlook on life for the better, I have improved my diet, I exercise more and I have a better connection with my family. Most importantly, in large part due to her coaching, I truly believe I can beat this cancer diagnosis. There’s nothing more important than that belief. 

– Connor Page, diagnosed at age 39. Father of two boys, ages 2 and 4, and a husband of a loving wife.
Sloppy Hills
As a stage IV lung cancer patient who has worked with Marisa for over a year, I can tell you with complete confidence that Marisa is who you want on your team if you are dealing with a life-threatening illness. I have never met anyone as inspirational as Marisa - ever.
Marisa has a way of looking at issues in ways that had never occurred to me, reframing the way I think about them, and then developing concrete steps I can take. Her advice is always spot on. She includes nuggets of wisdom in our sessions that stay with me constantly throughout every day and give me the mental tools I need to deal with every challenging situation that comes my way. After a call with Marisa I always feel better, and more energized.
She guides me through every aspect of my life from top to bottom, because, as she has taught me, it's all connected. Mind, body, relationships, diet, exercise, and more - it's all about boosting the immune system and creating a life that is not merely good, but extraordinary. Before I met Marisa, my mind was mostly filled with anxiety. A year after working with her, it's mostly filled with happiness and gratitude, no matter how challenging the situation. I have learned from Marisa not only how to avoid getting overly stressed about the challenges life brings my way, but to go a step further and be grateful for them because of the opportunities and other positives they bring. As shocking as it may be to say, as a result of working with Marisa I no longer see my diagnosis as a negative - instead it's been the best thing that ever happened to me. Marisa taught me to embrace it as an opportunity to reinvent everything about our lives. At her inspiration, we overhauled our lives from top to bottom, including a move across the country that has proven to be exactly right for us. I've transformed from being fixated on the stressors of every day and constantly delaying happiness to later, to being constantly happy and grateful for what I have, *now*. And my wife is happy now, as well. Marisa saved both of our lives.
My work with Marisa centers on drafting a vision of the future I want and developing a knowledge that it will happen, thereby actually causing it to happen now via the placebo effect and its powerful healing powers. Combining this work with Marisa with traditional cancer treatment has led to incredible results. As I write this, I am realizing that the vision for the future that Marisa had me write down a year ago has already come to be, at her inspiration. I am happy, and no matter that the doctors still call me "stage IV," I am healthy - the tumors are gone from my scans with any remaining cancer microscopic, at most. If it's still there at all, it won't be for long. I am alive, happy and healthy because of Marisa. 
– Daniel, age 55, father of  two daughters, ages 11 and 13, and husband of a loving wife
Seaside Cliffs
Coastline at Sunset
I have been diagnosed with cancer three times before my 50th birthday, the first two times with relative ease – malignant melanoma at age 23, and a double mastectomy at age 45. At age 48, however, it was different: I had to undergo chemotherapy for a lobular breast cancer tumor 6.5 cm long.

It was a catastrophe in my mind. I had wild fears at the thought of a blood test and a drip for EIGHTEEN chemo sessions. Other injections were needed to bring on menopause, keep my white blood cell count normal, etc. I could not maintain my equipoise between believing that chemo was the route to health and my complete and utter dread of it.   I was told repeatedly that I had to have a positive attitude to get well, and simultaneously let in the things that I feared, in order to heal. Instead, I was dancing with my devil and letting it dictate the rhythms of my response to the treatment – until a friend recommended that I call a cancer and life coach in New York.
Her name was Marisa. That was all I knew. She lived thousands of miles away from my home in Johannesburg, South Africa, but from the first time I heard her voice on the phone, she sounded very close by. The most immediate comfort came from the fact that she had been through cancer herself – a cancer far more serious than my own. She had travelled the course and beaten the odds.  That immediately gave her a head start as far as my own battle was concerned.
But it was much more than her shared experience of an illness that made me feel like she was the right person to help me.  Within the first thirty minutes of contact, Marisa had started giving me the tools to navigate my way through my life crisis. The first and important and enduring insight that she gave me was that we are completely responsible for every experience in our life. We create these experiences by the words we speak, the thoughts we feel, and the attitudes we adopt. She showed me that I had to take control and become the master of my fears and my destiny. She expertly got me to visualize being in the Chemo room, feeling empowered and letting the treatment in. If I were to write the script that I have learned through my work with Marisa, it would read, in essence, like this:

“I am willing to release the pattern within me that has created my condition of deep fear for injections and the treatment I am receiving. I am stepping out of the victim role. I am no longer helpless. I acknowledge my  own power and can choose to use it positively. I love and accept myself exactly as I am.”
Marisa is an empathetic listener. She doesn’t just listen like most therapists I had been to. She has taken me to an entirely new place by sharing a perspective on life that is both inspiring and authentic. It has brought me much peace and Joy that I never could have imagined. 
I am now writing this testimonial halfway through my chemo sessions. Instead of living in disharmony with what I am going through, Marisa has helped me to embrace my life and see the opportunities that this difficult situation presents me with. I will always be eternally grateful for having picked up the phone all those months ago.
– A woman with breast cancer
Over these many years, Marisa has continued to inspire me with her passionate commitment to her own healing and her selfless dedication to helping other cancer patients and their families.

— Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., Founder and Director of Gaynor Integrative Oncology
Author of The Healing Power of Sound, Dr. Gaynor’s Cancer Prevention Program and Healing Essence
I have known Marisa Harris for more than ten years. I met her when she was first diagnosed with cancer and have followed her healing journey ever since. I never cease to admire her courage, intelligence, passion, and persistence. She brings these same qualities to her coaching and teaching, allowing her to help others hone in on exactly what they need in order to heal and thrive.

— Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute
Author of The New York Times bestseller, Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow and The Seeker’s Guide: Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure
I have been beyond blessed with 18 months of coaching from Marisa.  I count this period as the most fruitful, fulfilling and magnificent of my life to date.  From the outside, I looked very much like I had it all.  Inside, I was miserable, stressed and numb and my declining health made it evident that change was absolutely necessary. So I took a radical leap of faith (and self love!) and committed to working with Marisa. It was baby step after baby step as Marisa gracefully guided me to uncover my own truths.  I stepped more and more into clarity and power in creating what I really desired, deep down...not what others expected of me or even what I believed I should do, but what I am here to be.  Much like climbing an intimidating mountain, it wasn't always easy and pretty, but I never quit moving towards my freedom and bliss.  Marisa was like a guardian angel by my side on my journey...spotting me, nudging me to notice what I had been missing, believing in me every step of the way and cheering me on wholeheartedly. "Working" with Marisa may very well be the greatest gift I have ever given myself. My confidence, courage, intuition and awareness have grown exponentially.  Now that I know what is possible with such benevolent support and love, I am forever changed...and oh-so-grateful.  I am excited to see what unfolds from this new thriving vantage point.  Thank you endlessly, Marisa, for holding me up through the messy bits, teaching so brilliantly and beautifully, and for celebrating with me all of my successes (small and large) along my path.

– Jacqueline Lawrence
When I met Marisa Harris at Omega Institute and heard her story of how she survived from and thrived with Pancreatic Cancer, I knew that I had to work with her as I confronted Stage IV Lung Cancer. After just 4 sessions, our work together has made a huge difference in my life. Marisa's warmth, positivity and dedication are extraordinary. She has inspired my commitment to get completely well again, and to motivate other lung cancer patients by speaking out as an advocate. Working with her has also strengthened my confidence that my novel, The Realist, which will be published on December 5, will climb the bestseller list and be the first of many books I write.

– Sarah Coleman
My finding my way to Marisa was truly Divine Guidance. From the very first email correspondence, even before we started our work, Marisa’s compassion for me was so vividly apparent. I felt an immediate connection to her and was moved by how caring and immediately invested in our relationship she was. Once we started our Spititual Divorce work, Marisa’s unflagging energy and focus never faltered. Each session with Marisa was a gift. The gifts I was given are the tools to conquer any adversity and find the beauty in my life.

Marisa guided me with the right combination of compassion and firmness and I have learned so much from her. Marisa gave me the gift of learning to love and cherish myself. I have used her Spiritual Divorce techniques to find the strength to cherish myself and who I am everyday of my life. Marisa is a light that shines for all who have had the honor to work with her.

– Gregory Landes, Musician & Composer. Founding member of Synchronicity
Before I undertook the integrative coaching process with Marisa Harris, I was frustrated: I am a writer, yet I could never sustain enough belief in myself to complete a novel. I would begin a project and stop after a few weeks, done  in by my internal doubts.

With the tools gleaned from working with Harris, I not only completed a first draft of my book, but now, a year later, I am working on a fourth draft. Coaching helped me to claim what I dreamed of. My reward is not only a stack of manuscript pages, but a bolder, deeper, more positive perspective that has affected every strand of my life.

– Katherine Weissman, Writer and former Executive Editor of Mademoiselle Magazine and a former Contributing Editor at O, the Oprah Magazine
Even  though it was ten years since I separated from my husband, there was still hurt, pain and unresolved issues.  But through working with Marisa, my Healing Your Heart coach, I was able to find release from that chronic dull pain that I thought would never go away.  I began to see my part in the breakdown of the marriage which I hadn’t see and therefore never acknowledged before.  It was always easier to blame “him.”  Marisa is an amazing coach and a compassionate, non-judgmental, fun-loving person.  At the same time she didn’t let me just “step over things.”   Marisa approached what she saw in a way that led me to deal with my own issues.  Through our work together, I was able to shed my shame around my marriage and ex-husband and begin to really move on.

– Ronni Meltzer, Director of Human Resources, Anderson Kill & Olick
If someone would have told me that with a diagnosis of metastasized breast cancer will come the happiest and most authentically lived days of my life, I would have said that they  are out of their minds.    Meeting Marisa and deciding to participate in both her group and individual coaching resulted in my living a life that I hadn't imagined possible.   She asked me a question that I had long since forgotten to consider.  "Julianna, what would you love?''   She asked me not once, not twice, but many times.   Finally,  I admitted, "I'd love to dance again with my husband."   Sounds trivial, but it wasn't to me.   "I'd love to spend more time focusing on me, instead of my sons and my husband. I love them dearly, but that seems to be my life.   "I'd love to create the most beautiful garden.  And advise other women who would love to do the same."   And I did.   My husband and I danced to our favorite songs from years and years ago.   I got out of the kitchen and out of the laundry room--making space for them to make their snacks, lunches and do their wash.   And, I invited friends and family, and my dear coach, Marisa, to come the next year to enjoy one of the most beautiful gardens in Connecticut.  I also had tools and practices  from Marisa that minimized the side effects of the chemotherapy.   She helped me make decisions about doctors and practitioners that came from my truth and not authorities.   She helped me from the very beginning step into a sense of well-being and confidence that my life would be wonderful regardless of the statistics and evidence.   Marisa is a healer.  

— Julianna Iorio (breast cancer) 
Marisa Harris asks questions that open doors that put us on the path of finding one’s essence.  She gives us the tools for a life of joy and healing. Through her coaching, adversity becomes a meaningful growth experience.  Her insights are profound.

– Regina Axelrod, Ph.D., Chairperson, Department of Political Science, Adelphi University (Breast Cancer)
Marisa’s wisdom, experience, compassion and warmth have played an enormous role in my ability deal with my health challenges and the accompanying fear.  She has also helped me identify some long-submerged themes that had kept me from fully experiencing the life I should be having.  Because of her counsel, I have made significant changes, dealing more positively with medical issues, ridding myself of toxic relationships and moving on in my creative life, as well.

– Phyllis Mulhado, Writer (Diagnosis squamous cell carcinoma and paraproteinanemia, a blood plasma disorder and pre-cursor to multiple myeloma)
Marisa’s wisdom, experience, compassion and warmth have played an enormous role in my ability deal with my health challenges and the accompanying fear.  She has also helped me identify some long-submerged themes that had kept me from fully experiencing the life I should be having.  Because of her counsel, I have made significant changes, dealing more positively with medical issues, ridding myself of toxic relationships and moving on in my creative life, as well.

– Paulette Crowther, 53 years old, former Associate Director of Communication & Public Affairs at Cardoza Law School, currently full time student Graduate School of Landscape Design, Columbia University (anal cancer)
Marisa Harris is a wonderful coach. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable professional who combines deep compassion and pragmatism in a unique and fun way to help her clients achieve tangible results. Marisa’s empathetic style and practical approach helped me to develop concrete plans and action steps to achieve my goals. She encouraged and inspired me to listen to my heart as well as my mind in developing my work/life plan.

Working with Marisa, I was able to dramatically improve challenging interpersonal relationships. Marisa helped me recognize my assumptions, reframe my thoughts and change my behavior so that I had much more productive conversations and positive relationships. Marisa practices what she teaches and has constantly inspired me in the coaching process. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work towards making significant and positive changes in their life.

– Laurie Weisman, Health Advisor, Pinnacle Care
Marisa has been the best mentor and an amazing source of inspiration for me through the Integrative coaching training and in my life. Her outstanding life coach skills and deep understanding of Debbie Ford’s shadow work helped me stand in integrity and embrace my highest self, with discipline.  Marisa is a beautiful soul who stands strong in the truth and beauty of life. Through her exceptional sense of clarity of the other, Marisa delivers hard questions with infinite compassion and love.  Get ready to use your pain for change and love to make it last!

– Josiane Bonté Apollon, LMHC, Licensed Psychotherapist
Marisa is a remarkable mentor who has shown me, by example, how every relationship and each encounter with another person is a unique opportunity to develop self-awareness and to become more loving and compassionate toward myself and others. Marisa’s insightful questions never fail to lead me to a deeper exploration and a more loving understanding of my humanity. Marisa is extraordinarily generous with her time and with sharing her wisdom, and I am blessed to have her support and guidance as I develop my own coaching skills.

– Catherine Hines
I recently completed a coaching course with Marisa. I am deeply grateful to her for her compassion, wisdom, guidance and unwavering support in my efforts to make sense of my situation and the diagnosis of Stage IV cancer. Working with Marisa allowed me to look at my life in a different way, to enhance my understanding of the circumstances and to implement the necessary changes. This resulted in a renewed and positive outlook on my life.

– Gisela Misch
Marisa opened up new pathways in my life and coached me onto them. I have begun to make choices from knowledge and faith rather than fear. I have opened up to others, knowing that acceptance of myself leads to acceptance of others. I now reach deeper into my spiritual self than I ever have before.

– Diane Saslow
Marisa Harris’ qualities as a coach and mentor were an inspiration to me as a coach in training. Her ability to listen deeply, create a safe space, ask powerful questions, and hold me accountable, guided me to enormous shifts in perspective and to find my own truth and answers from within. Marisa exemplifies many of the qualities I hope to embody as an Integrative Coach.

Marisa’s commitment to those she works with is profound and consistent. And she has a unique ability to hear both what is and is not being said. Marisa’s gentle demeanor creates a beautiful sacred space where this work can be done, but her unmistakable strength and guidance will lead you towards your most magnificent self.

– Kathy Hertz
Last fall, I was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. I knew that healing would require more than chemotherapy or surgery. I also knew that I wanted to play a key role in healing myself.  By serendipity, I got Marisa's number and I called her right away. After my first conversation with her, I knew she was the right person to help me. Her wisdom, her insight, her knowledge, and her heart have made my journey a transformative experience.  Each session with her has helped me along the way. My work with her has helped my body tolerate chemotherapy in an incredible way and my scans and blood work results are excellent. But most of all, the tools she has given me have helped me become a much better and happier person. I am so blessed to have Marisa in my life. A lot of people experience a cancer diagnosis as one of the darkest times of their life. Marisa has helped me turn this diagnose into an amazing opportunity for personally growth. 

– Juliette Gimon
I have been coaching with Marisa for a few months now.  As a life coach myself, I believe we need to have the support and perspective for ourselves that we provide for others. Her Coaching has been nothing short of a miracle!  It's about becoming all you are meant to be, living a life of passion, purpose and impact.  Marisa has created the space for me to soar in my own personal life, seeing things that I was never able to see before.  I have learned that a completely positive, optimistic and faith based life can be a pathway to a creativity I never knew I had in me!  I am in the process of publishing a children's book that was never even a thought before coaching with Marisa.  Her sessions are filled with inspirational stories that relate to my life.  She has taught me to truly believe in myself and to think well of myself.  I am so much more conscious about my actions, committed to loving myself and others, no matter what the situation.  I see not only the lesson in all that the Universe puts into my pathway but the good in everything!  I know I will be a better coach for all of her wisdom and support as well as leading a much more positive life.  There is no need for negativity in my thinking any longer.  With the practices Marisa has provided me, I have so much more control over my thoughts now.  My inner peace has manifested in shedding pounds, stopping a life-long nasty habit of picking at the cuticles of my nails and creating new, positive clients in my own coaching practice.

–  Donna Lipman, Master Integrative Life Coach

I was referred to Marisa shortly after I learned my Stage 3 breast cancer had become Stage 4. And what a fortunate moment for me! Marisa is a profoundly gifted counselor and spiritual guide who has been my mentor for the past three years. Her authenticity, guidance and example have been key factors in my own healing, both physical and spiritual. She has been with me all the way, through my experiences with metastases to brain, liver, bones and lungs, through issues of pain and fatigue, depression and moments of hopelessness. Marisa has never "given up" on me, instead remaining unfaltering in her belief that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment, and that every moment in our lives presents an opportunity for growth.


Through the use of instructive tapes, study programs, books, meditations, journaling and weekly discussions, Marisa has guided me on my journey to personal healing. She has shown me how to craft a future that reflects my unique personal vision and live into it now. Her message has always been one of faith, belief, authenticity and love, both self-love and gratitude for every moment of life. 


Her methods are gentle and unequivocal. She has never pushed me into any action, rather offered me many opportunities to experience life in new ways. I am now and will continue to be forever indebted to Marisa Harris for her guidance, insight, and unfailing faith and love.    

– Valerie Reeve
Marisa Harris shares with her clients her unique understanding of how best to cope with the shock of diagnosis, the rigors of treatment, and the existential challenge of living with cancer. A remarkable long-term survivor of pancreatic cancer, Marisa has honed her skills as a compassionate listener, counselor, and educator of cutting-edge cancer therapies. She gives cancer patients and their families a bounty of knowledge and empowerment. By her example, Marisa Harris is nothing less than a model of resilience and a harbinger of hope.

— Henry Dreher, Director of Cancer Consultation Services
Author of Your Defense Against Cancer, The Immune Power Personality and Mind-Body Unity: A New Vision for Mind-Body Science & Medicine

When one suddenly becomes a caretaker at a young age to an ill spouse with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, they are forced to spring into action and exude positivity and optimism for the spouse and the family. However this constant care and fight or flight mode that the caretaker finds themselves in can really deplete ones energy quickly. Being in this situation myself, I was grateful to find Marisa Harris. Being a long term cancer survivor herself, she really can relate to all aspects of these illnesses and how it becomes all encompassing for the caretaker, whose role is often overlooked. Marisa has helped tremendously with breaking down the caretaker role and shedding light on the importance of self care and nourishment for the person in this role. It has been an invaluable tool for myself and my family.

I am so fortunate to have been introduced to Marisa to focus on healing from incurable lung cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes.

Marisa's coaching led to not only a much more positive outlook but also great results and to my surprise and delight it also led me to discover and take steps in creating a new career that I am really excited about. Her coaching has also resulted in greatly improved relationships with family members.

Marisa is a wonderfully kind, fun person and an inspiration.

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