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I offer several transformational LifeMastery Coaching Programs that are customized to the specific area you want to focus on

Reimagining the Possible. 

In structured one-on-one telephone sessions, conducted in the privacy of your home, office, or anywhere in the world, you will acquire the tools to achieve what you truly want—whether it’s to find your purpose and passion, a better relationship, the courage to express yourself, be a better business leader, or deal with a serious illness.

Integrative Coaching Essentials

• Identify how you want to live your life (your Life Vision).
• Determine past and present obstacles that prevent you from living your Life Vision. (resistance, fears, excuses, or other self-sabotaging behaviors).
• Implement an Action Plan, with achievable goals, tools, and resources to help you attain your Life Vision.

Relationship Healing

• Release unresolved pain from past or current relationships (spouse, children, sibling, parents).
• Transform resentment into wisdom, pain into strength, and anger into acceptance.
• Let go of self-sabotaging habits, blame, and negativity.
• Reclaim the power to love, to be happy, and to enjoy life again.

Courage Training

• Recognize your fears and limiting beliefs and learn how to use them to restore your inner strength and confidence.
• Let go of long-held beliefs and interpretations of the past that destroy your self-esteem.
• Empower yourself to deal successfully with all of life’s challenges from a new position of assurance and courage.

The Best Year of

Your Life

• Create the extraordinary life you always wanted.
• Reconnect with your deepest dreams and desires.
• Rediscover who you are and what’s important to you.
• Become inspired and excited by your life again.
• Transform an unfulfilled life or career into one that’s exciting and inspired.

Dealing with a

Serious Illness

• Distinguish the facts of your condition from negative interpretations. (“I have cancer, I’m going to die soon.”)
• Discover and choose the best treatment options.
• Recognize the hidden gifts and power of your illness.
• Learn how to use your diagnosis to create the best year of your life.

Caregiver Coaching:
Dealing with a Loved One’s Illness

• Give yourself the gift of exploring and feeling the impact of the illness on you.
• Transform resentment into wisdom and resignation into possibility.
• Discover that your self-expression and healing are essential for the patient.
• Reclaim the power and tools to be happy and to enjoy life again.

DreamBuilding Coaching Program

  • Defining Your Dream

  • Testing Your Dream

  • Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

  • Befriending Your Fear

  • Activating the Law of Circulation Through Giving

  • Changing Your Perceptions

  • Setting Yourself Free Through the Practice of Forgiveness

  • Listening to the Still, Small Voice

  • Creating a Support System

  • Training Your Mind

  • Turning Failure from a Stumbling Block to a Stepping Stone

  • Harvesting Your Dream

Working with the Law: Powerful Principles for Fulfilled Living

  • The Law of Thinking

  • The Law of Supply

  • The Law of Attraction

  • The Law of Receiving

  • The Law of Increase

  • The Law of Compensation

  • The Law of Non-Resistance

  • The law of Forgiveness

  • The Law of Sacrifice

  • The law of Obedience

  • The Law of Success

Standing Firm When Your World is Shaking
Tools for Traversing Through Life's Toughest Terrains

  • The Dark Night

  • The Heros’ Journey - Our Journey

  • Harvesting the Good

  • An Opportunity for a New Beginning

Into Your Genius:
Unlocking the 6 Powers of the Mind

  • Imagination

  • Intuition

  • The Will

  • Memory

  • Reason

  • Perception

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