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A Science-based, Personalized Cancer and Life-Healing Plan Using

Mainstream Medicine and Complementary Healing Therapies

The Union of Mind & Medicine
 “You have cancer.” 


These three words are probably the most frightening statement you or someone you love may ever hear. In 1998, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Doctors at America’s leading hospitals told me that my disease was incurable. They had no treatment to offer me, not even chemotherapy. I had at most nine months to live. But I refused to accept their death sentence, and I embarked on a search for help. I was ultimately blessed to find a brilliant and imaginative oncologist who said, “There is so much you can do. Miracles happen every day. They are your birthright.” Inspired by his encouragement, I undertook a scientifically-based, nonmedical course of treatment that included supplements, healthful nutrition, exercise, singing bowls, acupuncture, prayer, and meditation. I began attending a support group of cancer patients and survivors conducted by my new doctor. I left my position as a corporate executive and dedicated myself to staying alive.

After five months, I received objective, medical proof that my condition had dramatically improved. My tumor markers were significantly lower. I began chemotherapy and also continued following my complementary practices. The combination proved to be a powerful integrated treatment. 

More than ten years have passed since I was told, “Nothing can be done.” As I continue to be cancer-free and healthy, my life’s purpose is to eradicate that message. 

I invite you to join me to explore what you can do to make the right decisions for continued health and long life.

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